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Living the Good Life Thanks to Network Marketing

Brad Hager laughed when he was first approached about a network marketing business opportunity. Over the next 10 months, each time that same person approached him, he laughed. He thought the guy was crazy and even made fun of him, telling him to “get a real job.”

Then that persistent network marketer showed Brad a check he received for one month of work, in the amount of $100,000. That’s when Brad stopped laughing. He started thinking about the last 10 months he’d spent condemning something he didn’t know anything about. He also thought of all the time he’d wasted- time he could’ve spent going after his own $100,000 check.

At the time, Brad was working at a Fortune 200 trucking company. He had started out on their loading dock, but quickly realized he wanted to make more money and have more prestige in the company. So, he pursued a sales position. There were no openings, and he didn’t have a college education, but what hi did have was a lot of ambition.

On his days off, Brad put on a suit, showed up in the sales department and rode along on sales calls, taking notes. He did all of this unpaid, figuring it was the best way to get an education in an area he had little experience with. His efforts paid off when a sales position became available and it was given to him.

Brad had achieved his goal and thought he had it made. Bit it didn’t take long for him to realize that there was a limit on how much anyone could make in a conventional job, with or without a college education. Network marketing began to appeal to him as a full-time business opportunity, because it’s an industry that has no limits on income, time or personal satisfaction.

He worked with his network marketing sponsor on learning the industry and establishing a business while still putting in full-time hours at the trucking company. When Brad got his first check from network marketing and saw the results of his part-time effort to sell products and bring new people into the business, he know he had found his calling.

“My first check proved to me that even someone without a college education can do this with time and commitment.” Shared brad. So, he resigned from the sales position he’d worked so hard to get and set his sights on a full-time commitment to network marketing.

He remembers the reaction of his co-workers. “(They) didn’t take me seriously until the day I left Corporate America (People in the network marketing company) picked me up in a limousine – they had banners and champagne, it was great.” The expressions on his co-workers’ faces were priceless and Brad recalls feeling some remorse as he walked away from his job; he wanted to take everyone with him.

Brad looked back at his co-workers and realized many of them still had 15-20 years left before retirement, and he know they’d spend every day until then at the same job, with little change in their salary or benefits, counting on that paycheck to get them through the next week. He says, “Many of us feel security is working a job, but that’s the least security there is.”

Living the Good Life Thanks to Network Marketing

That idea is what sells so many people in traditional jobs on network marketing. There are plenty of opportunities for the people to have their own business and get paid for the amount of work they do. The more work, the more money – there are no limits as long as a strong effort is being made to build a business.

What this means, though, is that each network marketer is responsible for his or her success. No more blaming the boss for holding you back, or feeling jealous when a co-worker gets the promotion ahead of you. In network marketing, your successes and failures are a result of how you handle yourself in the business. Brad comments, “Some people fear taking on the responsibility of being in charge of their lives. We’re creatures of habit – we’re used to being told what to do. When you’re free to do your own thing, you need self-discipline.”

Because of this, Brad recommends that anyone looking into network marketing, try it part-time and develop that self-discipline and a sense of accountability. He adds, “We take people out of Corporate American and they need a leader that can provide leadership, guidance and some degree of accountability – someone who can tell and show them what to do and help them with the steps.”

Brad enjoys assuming that role of a leader who guides others. He makes it clear that he’s not in this to create a group of followers, he’s focused on developing more leaders with successful businesses, but he says, “I never take credit for someone else’s success. I’ll build it with them, but not for them.”

Brad believes strongly in praising people for their achievements and sharing in the joy of their success. In fact, he and his girlfriend, Marcia, are taking three couples from his organization that has hit certain levels with the company to Hawaii. They’ll fly them to the tropical island and celebrate together.

The most gratifying aspect of this industry for Brad is seeing his people reaching success. He likens it to parenting – the sense of pre and fulfillment when a child reaches a landmark, like walking or talking.

He should know, because he’s the father of a three-year old daughter, Hannah Nicole. He credits network marketing for making it possible to develop a close relationship with Hannah, saying, “Everyday can be a Saturday with my daughter.”

Living the Good Life Thanks to Network Marketing

It’s the “Saturday Lifestyle” that makes network marketing an appealing opportunity. Brad has found that he can literally design his own life, picking out the times he wants to work and deciding when he wants to play. To Brad, playing means taking Hannah to the park or beach, traveling to the Grand Cayman Islands, Hawaii, and other beautiful places in the world, shopping for clothes wherever he goes (an addiction he completely enjoys), and even hanging out at his million dollar home in Laguna Beach, California, with a view of the ocean and Santa Catalina Island.

And if Brad ever decides to slow down, he’s already got a plan. It involves the purchase of a large